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Turnkey solution to maximize trust & make governance easy

Trustible’s platform makes it easy to define, operationalize, and scale your AI Governance priorities.

Learn more about what makes Trustible different

Trustible is a leading technology company that is focused on enabling the responsible development of artificial intelligence. Given the accelerated pace of innovation in AI, as well as growing external regulatory and stakeholder demands, organizations need a best-in-class solution to build trust and minimize risks across the entire AI development lifecycle. 

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What is AI governance?

AI governance is a multidisciplinary practice area inside of organizations that brings together technical, business, and legal approaches to managing AI systems responsibly and ethically. While many use the term "AI Governance" to imply a number of different approaches, we tend to divide AI governance into three levels, all with distinct challenges and obligations. 


Moreover, different teams within an organization may have distinct challenges that AI governance is trying to address, such as: 

  • Measuring bias/fairness

  • Building safety into models

  • Navigating customer requirements

  • Building trust in AI products

  • Staying on top of emerging regulations

  • Reducing risks & harms

  • Collaborating across multiple teams

  • Creating responsible AI culture

These challenges can be difficult to solve for at scale. But when done correctly, AI governance can have immense benefits for organizations, including: 

Enhanced Customer Trust

According to Gartner, organizations that have implemented AI Governance frameworks have seen more successful AI initiatives, improved customer experience, and increased revenue.

Organizational Efficiency

Reviewing, testing, and approving new use cases of AI can often take months. Centralized AI governance can bring internal stakeholders together to ensure your
AI systems fulfill their intended goals and reduce risks.

Reduced Regulatory & User Risk

Reviewing, testing, and approving new use cases of AI can often take months. Centralized AI governance can bring internal stakeholders together to ensure your
AI systems fulfill their intended goals and reduce risks.

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Enable trustworthy & responsible AI

Manage & migrate AI risk, build trust, and accelerate Responsible AI development.


Responsible AI Governance Platform

Trustible’s Responsible AI Governance platform is a turnkey solution to maximize trust and make governance easy. Our product capabilities are tied to three simple principles: insights, simplicity, and collaboration. 

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Delivering best practices for Responsible AI


Translating business and technical requirements


Mobilizing the right people at the right time

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AI Inventory
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AI governance requires collaboration from both technical and non-technical leaders inside of the organization committed to building trust. 

AI Leaders
  • Trustible gives you the tools you need to enable customer trust in your AI systems.

  • We make it easy to operationalize AI governance across your organization and align to regulatory requirements. 

  • Our platform drives efficiency across your organization by streamlining risk reviews of AI systems, automating documentation, and accelerating time to market for new AI services

Legal & Compliance Leaders
  • Trustible helps you seamlessly comply with the evolving landscape of AI regulations and standards.

  • We help identify and mitigate risks & harms of your AI systems to ensure they are fulfilling their intended goals or preventing undesirable outcomes. 

  • Our platform has pre-built insights, policies, and guidance to give your team a better understanding of best practices and questions to consider when implementing your AI governance program.

In the age of Generative AI, one model can be used for a variety of different use cases. For example, you can use ChatGPT to summarize a news article or summarize a medical record, but the risk may be very different. It’s impossible to infer from an AI model what use case it’s being used for, not to mention its potential risks and benefits. That’s why Trustible has built an AI Use Case Inventory to enable you to seamlessly integrate and associate models to their specific use cases. We then align each of those use cases to regulatory workflows to make sure you have ALL of the requirements you need to stay compliant. 


The AI/ML stack is highly fragmented, which can make implementing compliance measures into existing AI systems and workflows incredibly challenging, oftentimes requiring dedicated resources and specialized expertise to effectively manage this process. That’s why Trustible integrates with the best-in-class AI/ML tools to automate business & compliance requirements. 

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Our approach to regulatory compliance

The regulatory environment for AI is uncertain, complex, and rapidly changing. In 2023 alone, over 60 countries introduced AI regulations. We believe the regulatory environment for AI will be different from other technology categories – such as privacy or cybersecurity – given the deep ethical and societal challenges facing this rapidly evolving technology. 


Trustible enables you to stay on top of new regulations and international standards that will enable greater accountability of AI, but will come with new obligations for organizations to comply with. Our platform leverages AI to map the similarities and differences between different regulatory requirements and streamline compliance. 

ISO 42001
Type of Guidance
Enforceable Regulation
Voluntary Framework
International Standard
Publishing Entity
European Union
U.S. Government
Non-Governmental Standards Body
Requires an Audit?
Requires an Organizational Policy?
Provides AI Model Evaluation Guidance?
Recommends Controls?
Requires Risk Assessment?
Requires Model Transparency?
Requires Impact Assessment?
Requires Incident Reporting?
  • AI Products Liability Directive
  • Digital Markets Act
  • Digital Services Act
  • AI RMF Playbook
  • RMF Risk Profiles
  • ISO 23894
  • ISO 22989
  • ISO 31000

Trustible is also a trusted member of the US AI Safety Institute Consortium (AISIC). This consortium, part of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), works together to help “equip and empower the collaborative establishment of a new measurement science that will enable the identification of proven, scalable, and interoperable techniques and metrics to promote development and responsible use of safe and trustworthy AI.” Trustible is also a member of the IEEE’s standard setting group on AI procurement. 

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