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On a mission to enable Trustworthy & Responsible AI

About Trustible

Trustible is a leading technology provider of responsible AI governance. Its software platform enables legal/compliance and AI/ML teams to scale their AI Governance programs to help build trust, manage risk, and comply with regulations.


Trust in AI systems, and the organizations deploying them, is the single most important factor that will drive successful AI adoption. The way AI is developed and deployed is going to go through a radical transformation, moving away from the traditional software development life cycle of moving fast and breaking things, and more towards a process of how other high risk products are developed, such as medical devices, where potential harms and risks are closely tracked and mitigated. Trustible can guide organizations through that change and help enable them with the workflows, documentation tools and reporting capabilities necessary for that more regulated future. Building trust and deploying AI ethically goes beyond just good governance and regulatory compliance, but those are necessary fundamental building blocks that must be in place first and must be done well.

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