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Analysis - Mapping the Requirements of NIST AI RMF, ISO 42001, and the EU AI Act

Navigating the evolving and complex landscape for AI governance requirements can be a real challenge for organizations. Previously, Trustible created this comprehensive cheat sheet comparing three important compliance frameworks: the NIST AI Risk Management Framework, ISO 42001, and the EU AI Act. This easy to understand visual maps the similarities and differences between these frameworks, providing a concise reference for organizations implementing responsible AI guardrails.

Now, we've gone deeper.

In our new white paper, we analyze each of the key obligations of all three frameworks and compare them against each other. While there is overlap among key concepts and requirements, each framework takes a slightly different approach to how an organization implements its AI governance structures, processes, and procedures. 

Trustible’s platform is configured to help you comply with all three frameworks, which are now being discussed as the fundamental building blocks of an AI governance strategy.

Click here to get the full analysis.


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