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Trustible Welcomes New Advisors to Strengthen Enterprise and Legal Expertise in AI

We are thrilled to announce the addition of three new members to the Trustible Advisory Board: Larry Quinlan, Jason D. Hirsch, and Francisco Sánchez. Their deep expertise in AI, enterprise technology, regulatory strategy, and product counseling will guide Trustible customers and leadership on global challenges at the intersection of technology, law, and government policy. 

Larry Quinlan brings a wealth of experience from his tenure as Global Chief Information Officer at Deloitte, where he led over 10,000 IT professionals across 175 countries. As Deloitte’s Global CIO, he oversaw the digital transformation of large scale technology implementations for both the firm and its clients. Larry also serves on the Board of Directors of several enterprises including ServiceNow, JLL, Booking Holdings, and UBS Americas, as well as a key advisor to startups and growth-stage companies. Larry will be an invaluable resource for Trustible and its customers given his expertise in AI, cyber, data analytics, and more.

Jason D. Hirsch is a Partner at Nixon Peabody, where he leads the firm’s AI, Digital Platforms & Emerging Technologies Team. Jason offers a unique blend of legal, public-policy, and strategic acumen, counseling leading technology companies and AI startups on litigation, regulatory strategy, and AI governance. Previously at Meta, Jason led the global policy team responsible for the AI-driven ranking and distribution of content, which included regular engagements with global regulators, shaping industry-leading transparency and control measures, and helping drive preparations for the EU’s AI Act.  Jason's extensive legal background includes over a decade at WilmerHale, where he litigated nine cases at the US Supreme Court and advised companies on numerous high-stakes matters. His experience will enhance Trustible’s capabilities in managing legal, regulatory, and reputational risks associated with AI technologies. Jason will be serving in his personal and individual capacity only and will not be acting as a lawyer or providing legal services or advice to the Company in this role. 

Francisco J. Sánchez is a Partner in an AmLaw Top 25 law firm focusing on Trade Policy. Mr. Sánchez previously served as the U.S. Under Secretary of Commerce for Trade under President Barack Obama, where he led the International Trade Administration and played a key role in the National Export Initiative. His prior roles include Assistant Secretary for Aviation and International Affairs at the U.S. Department of Transportation during the Clinton Administration, special assistant to President Bill Clinton, Board Director at ADM, and CEO of CNS Global Advisors. Francisco will be serving in his personal and individual capacity only and will not be acting as a lawyer or providing legal services or advice to the Company.

Trustible had previously announced prestigious appointments to its Advisory Board, including former FTC Chair Jon Leibowitz, former White House/Commerce policy director John Bailey, and former Chief Data Officer for the City of San Jose, Christine Keung. 

Together, Larry, Jason, and Francisco will play pivotal roles in guiding Trustible’s mission to help organizations adopt AI responsibly and at scale. Their combined expertise will ensure that Trustible remains at the forefront of global AI governance, enabling our clients to thrive in an increasingly regulated and AI-enabled world.


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