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Enhancing the Effectiveness of AI Governance Committees

Organizations are increasingly deploying artificial intelligence (AI) systems to drive innovation and gain competitive advantages. Effective AI governance is crucial for ensuring these technologies are used ethically, comply with regulations, and align with organizational values and goals. However, as the use of AI and AI regulations become more pervasive, so does the complexity of managing these technologies responsibly

Given this increased complexity, many organizations are setting up AI Governance Committees. These committees – often centralized – play a pivotal role in orchestrating the organization’s AI strategy, tasked with overseeing the deployment, risk management, and operation of AI systems. However, many committees face challenges due to lack of AI competencies and tools tailored to manage these specific responsibilities efficiently. 

AI Governance Committees must be empowered to leverage software solutions like Trustible oversee all levels of AI Governance (not just governance of the models or AI systems themselves). These include: 

This white paper discusses how Trustible can transform AI governance committees from a strategic oversight body to an efficient operational powerhouse. We will explore Trustible's alignment with the needs of these committees, detail its benefits, and provide actionable strategies for successful implementation. These include:

  • Develop AI PoliciesEstablish AI usage standards & internal rules

  • Inventory AI Use CasesCentralize all use cases, models, data, and vendors

  • Identify and Mitigate AI Risks & HarmsContinuously assess and mitigate risks & harms

  • Comply at ScaleEnsure adherence to regulations & standards

Click here to download the White Paper.


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